17 Things to Do on Your Birthday When You’re All Out of Ideas

Birthdays are always special. It is a celebration of your being alive and pumping, so why should it be an ordinary day. Make it super special. You don’t have to depend on others to do something, why should be dependent on others when there so many wonderful things you can do for yourself. Read on to find out some of the most innovative things to do on your birthday:

Take time off for yourself1. Take time off for yourself:

Day in and day out we are just running around between the office, home, and kids. The best gift you can give yourself is some “Me” time. Don’t feel guilty you deserve it and once in a year is not too much to ask.



2. Book a resortbook a resort jolevents 1

Spend some quality time with family or friends in a resort or spa. Make the booking in advance so you don’t have to rush at the last minute. If you want some time alone, skip the family and friends. If you love traveling plan a tour.



3. Book a houseboatBook a house boat jolevents

If you are the silent type who like the calmness of the sea and enjoy the beauty of nature, then a day on a houseboat with sumptuous food is all you need to make your birthday the most special one.



4. Go on a cruiseGo on a cruise jolevents

If I were you, I would love to go with my partner on a cruise. Why? Have you not seen so many movies where they are enjoying on ships with the song, dance, and food? It is so fascinated just to see it on screen, so imagine how it will be for real. I am would definitely like to do that.



5. Try some extreme sportsTry some extreme sports jolevents

If you are the one who enjoys doing really crazy and whacky things, then extreme sports should be your choice for the birthday celebrations. Go for bungee jumping, snorkeling, paragliding or anything else that catches your fancy. Trust me you will not forget that day ever again, to top it all, you will get loads of admirations from family and friends.


Throw a party jolevents6. Throw a party

As cliché, as it may sound throwing a theme party, could be the best way to celebrate your birthday and catch up with friends. Put in some whacky theme or dress code and you have the formula for the most happening party in town.


Visit an Orphanage jolevents7. Visit an Orphanage

Everyone is not as privileged as we are. Learn to help those who are in need, even in the smallest possible way. Visit an orphanage or old age home, spend time with them. Share food with them or take them out for a walk or movie. Even your smallest gesture would mean a lot to them.


8. Do some cDo some charity joleventsharity

If you do not have the time and inclination for visiting orphanages etc. donate money, clothes, and food to those in need. Charity they say is the best penance. This is the least we can do to give back to the society and what better day to do it than your birthday.


9. Adopt a childAdopt a child jolevents

Kids are the future, they need to be nurtured and brought up with love and care. Our orphanages are filled with children unwanted by their parents. Adopt a child, give them a life. It may be possible to adapt physically, do it financially. Take care of their needs, follow their success and see them blossom. There can be no greater happiness than seeing their smile and success.


10. Go on a moviGo on a movie date joleventse date

If you are a movie person, go ahead book a show of your favorite movie or hero. What better way to spend your birthday, than sitting in the theatre watching your favorite hero on screen and munching on a bag of cheesy popcorn.



Buy something special for yourself jolevents

11. Buy something special for yourself

Who does not like gifts? Do not wait for anyone else to gift you. Gift yourself the thing you have been longing to buy for such a long time. A watch, a car just about anything that catches your fancy.



tattoo jolevents12. Get a tattoo

This is the in thing these days. If you like it. Get yourself inked. Choose the design on your choice and get yourself inked for life



Take up a healthy resolution jolevents13. Take up a healthy resolution

Our health should be the most important thing for us. So choose a healthy habit and follow it to the T. This will not only make you healthier but also happier.




14. Get a pet

Dogs they say is a man’s best friend. If you like pets go get one on your birthday. It need not be a dog, it could be a cat or parrot or pigeon or even a mouse if you want to own a unique pet.



Statement jewelry jolevents15. Statement jewelry

Jewelry enhance your beauty, be it a man or a woman. And owning a piece of statement jewelry is just what you need to add glamor to your outlook.




16. Invest in fuInvest in future joleventsture

What better day to set aside something for your future. Invest in something based on the money you have in hand. It could even be a recurring deposit. If you more money invest in assets.



17. Celebrate with familyBirthday Party Decorators in Pune (11):

The best way is to celebrate with family. The heart is always where the family is. So take them out spend some quality time together and enjoy your day to the fullest. If you want the best birthday party planner in Pune. Visit for more details.

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