25 ways to celebrate 25th birthday.

25 ways to celebrate 25th birthday

Of course, a birthday is a special day in everyone’s life. And if it is 25th then bit more special. Also known as a quarter life crisis, represents a start of the new stage in your life. We have 25 different ideas to make your 25th birthday special. I Hope your birthday is express, just like you.

1. Shots, shots, shots!
Now you have legal consent to drink! So, have 25 shots.

2. Gift yourself
Celebrate your birthday as an occasion. Gift yourself whatever you want, anything you have had to buy. Spend money on yourself!

3. Take a vacation
You can have a solo trip or a road trip with your friends which you’ve always want to have.

4. Spa day!
Cosher yourself! After all, it’s your birthday, take a leave from work. Go to the parlor for a spa session. It is the best way to de-stress and treat oneself!

5.Overcome your fears
Always been scared of deep water, height? Get over your fear, go for skydiving or scuba diving. It will be one of the great and memorable days in your life.

6. Learn something new
It could be anything like singing, dancing, cooking. Make your birthday a beginning of new learning in your life.

7. Do something which makes you pleased
Forgive those people who have bothered you, say sorry to who you have hurt. Call those who you haven’t spoken since long. Take the first step to forgive everyone with a big heart. You will certainly feel proud.

overcome fear

8. Tick off task from your wish list
Everyone has a wish list holding of things they want to achieve in life. Make sure that you have ticked off at least one activity from your wish list.

9. Go back to childhood – Become a kid again
Remember? Which cartoon show you like in your infancy. Make it a birthday party theme. Who says 25 is old? You can call birthday decorator near you.

Make someone happy

10. Make someone happy
If someone asks what is the best gift? Then I will say the greatest gift is giving. Do charity, help needy people, their blessing is the most precious thing in the world. And this is the most satisfying thing.

11. Write a letter to 5 years elder yourself
Write a letter to 30 years old yourself. Write where do you see yourself in the next five years and where are you now. Note down your ambitions, your dreams & desires.

12. Plan a crazy party!
Plan a birthday party for yourself. Call your best friends, your childhood friends, your school friends and all those who are a significant part of these 25 years. Call party decorator for your birthday decoration & make your day more special.

13. Buy a star for yourself
Yes, the birthday girl/boy, go ahead purchase a star for yourself and give it a name. Because, why not?!

14. It’s mother time
Spend time with your mother. After all, she is the one who stood by your side in all situations. Make her day full of joy.

15. Relive your memories
Get your family and friends together & revisit the old events. Choose your an old photo and go to the same place where the photo was taken and take a new picture in the pose of the 25-year-old guy.

16. Celebrate the 25th *year*
Your birthday and especially the 25th birthday is a unique reason and also allows you to celebrate the whole year.

Relive Life

17. Drop the diet for a day
Birthday is not going to come daily so ditch your diet for the day and enjoy yummy food, cake without feeling sinful.

18.  Get your parents on a trip
They have always been wanted to go somewhere with the ones. You can surprise them by taking them on a trip wherever they want.

Be grateful

19.  Be grateful to everyone
Be thankful to everyone. Thank those who made you who you are now. Be beholden to your teachers, family, friends all other for being a part of such a beautiful journey.

20. Make 25 pledges to yourself
It is not necessary to make a promise to somebody. You can exchange 25 oath with yourself and make some commitments to yourself.

21. Make the leap
Surprise everyone by doing the thing that you have always wanting to do for so long. It may be tattoo or haircut or anything else.

22. Celebrate with your loved ones (Family)
Family plays a crucial role in your life and celebration can’t be complete without a family.

23. Do what makes you feel happy
It’s your day, Enjoy as much as you like. Sleep for the 25 hours, or vice versa. In short, Do what makes you feel happy.

24. Say bye-bye & get rid of past
Let go your history and move on. Say bye bye to past, stop looking backward. Live in today be grateful for everything in life. Unleash yourself.

25. Love yourself!
Yes, it’s likely you have a quarter-life turmoil. You might have few grey hairs. But do not worry about it. Remember that you are an excellent person and no one can assess you. So spend time with yourself.

love yourself

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