5 Things You Should Know If Your Birthday’s On A Leap Year

5 Things You Should Know If Your Birthday's On A Leap Year

One of the most elusive, hard to pin down date ever. It could sound like a waggish tribe living somewhere on the earth but have no illusion. Leapers walk among India. Leapers (leaplings) are those babies born on this rarest date – 29th February. It’s a date that has apprehended the mind of people for centuries. It’s an upended day where anything can happen. On this day women can ask men to marry.

Leap days are 4 times slower than other days. If you are in a Greece where it is a notably unlucky day to do anything. These days it lucky for some people and unlucky for others. If I get to know personally, if you are actually a leaper then it’s damn pretty. Sure, it’s pretty good to be born on leap against the odds (1 in 1461 chance to be specific). And, yeah there’s the magic behind having a birthday that starts the conversation.

1. Computer Cannot Count Your Birth
For a long time, even a most advanced of computer systems didn’t acknowledge a leap day, autocorrecting it to the 28th Feb. It took almost a few months to change my first driving license date which stated as 28th Feb.

2. You’re actually a child
Everybody will tell you, you’re actually a kid. Basically, your age is divided by four means you’ll certainly be lucky to make 25 and most of your adult life you are a kid.

3. You cannot get a birthday card in the post
For some store, it is still an issue that they can’t recognize 29th Feb for delivery.

4. Facebook Can’t decide your birth date
So, “how old are you?” the most asked question to leaper. ‘What day do you celebrate your birthday?’ Some will say it’s just a last day of February and some will forward to 1st March. Still, humans are not sure when leaper has a birthday. Facebook still has not got the solution. Previously in the non-leap year, it was shown on both days, now it shows only on 28th Feb.

5. You could have a special power
There is a myth baby born on leap day has a special power. This crazy rare day exists because of mad stuff the stars do.

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